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Stanley Frank
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S'cool Days

Recorded in 1975 and released in England to rave reviews, ‘S’cool Days’ still sounds vital to this day. A tribute to such 60s bands as the Who, Easybeats, and Kinks, the song is a teen anthem, a testimonial to unbridled youth. (Power Exchange PX-247)

Listen to S'cool Days

Canadian Boy

Another anthem of sorts, a satiric look at life through the eyes of the world’s most misunderstood nation. This catchy tune was produced by Mick Ronson. (demo)

Listen to Canadian Boy

Burning Bridges

Written in 1981, ‘Burning Bridges’ is about newfound freedom and the underlying sense of apprehension that often accompanies it.(demo)

Listen to Burning Bridges

Two Hearts Of Fire

Recorded as a demo in 1982, this up-tempo pop tune is versatile enough to be played in a variety of styles.(demo)

Listen to Two Hearts Of Fire

New - Fear of The Future

With shades of Billy Idol and Bowie, this straight-ahead rocker is replete with memorable vocal and guitar riffs. (demo)

Listen to Fear of The Future

New - Goodbye Jude

While paying homage to the Fab Four, this song is a bittersweet reminder of failed expectations and idealism. (demo)

Listen to Goodbye Jude

Love Like A Hammer

This catchy tune was released as a single in Europe. Pop-driven with a reggae feel, the message is clearly tongue-in-cheek, a parody of sexual roles and stereotypes. (A&M SP - 4828)

Listen to Love Like A Hammer

Don't Wake The Dreamer

'Don't Wake The Dreamer' is a simple but memorable tune, one that can be easily adapted to a number of diverse styles. (demo)

Listen to Don't Wake The Dreamer

Scum Heaven

‘Scum Heaven’ is part tribute and part parody. It pays homage to the antihero, the outsider, “the poets and the rockers, the thinkers and the talkers,” and asks the rhetorical question, “Hey, Lou Reed? How long is it going to take you to die?” (demo)

Listen to Scum Heaven

Stanley Frank