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Stanley Frank
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The Songs

All songs © Stanley Frank

Featured Songs

S'cool Days

Recorded in 1975 and released in England to rave reviews, ‘S’cool Days’ still sounds vital to this day. A tribute to such 60s bands as the Who, Easybeats, and Kinks, the song is a teen anthem, a testimonial to unbridled youth. (Power Exchange PX-247)

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Run for the Sun

This pop tune is a lively takeoff on 60s surf music, a Mick Ronson production on which he performs backing vocals. (demo)

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Rocco's Girl

Straight-ahead pop/rock with shades of Eddie Cochran, taken from "Play It Till It Hurts." (A&M SP-4828)

Listen to Rocco's Girl

Don't Wake The Dreamer

'Don't Wake The Dreamer' is a simple but memorable tune, one that can be easily adapted to a number of diverse styles. (demo)

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Goodbye Jude

While paying homage to the Fab Four, this song is a bittersweet reminder of failed expectations and idealism. (demo)

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Burning Bridges

Written in 1981, Burning Bridges offers a message of hope in times of uncertainty.(demo)

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Additional Songs

Two Hearts Of Fire

Recorded as a demo in 1982, this up-tempo pop tune is versatile enough to be played in a variety of styles.(demo)

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Nothing Works Like Time

I wrote this song shortly after my best friend died at the age of 34. It's what I wanted to say to the people who loved him as well as to myself. The vocal on this demo is "shaky," but the sentiment is real.

Listen to Nothing Works Like Time

Love Like A Hammer

This catchy tune was released as a single in Europe. Pop-driven with a reggae feel, the message is clearly tongue-in-cheek, a parody of sexual roles and stereotypes. (A&M SP - 4828)

Listen to Love Like A Hammer

On A Line

Melodic country-tinged pop, this song was the flip side of S'cool Days and one of my few collaborations. (Power Exchange PX-247)

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Some Kind Of Heaven

The "softer" side of Scum Heaven; same message, though. This demo is also slightly updated lyrically, with an Amy Winehouse reference replacing that of Lou Reed. (demo)

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In the Middle of the Night (A Long Time Ago)

A bright and melodious pop-reggae track that belies a dark and troubling theme. (demo)

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Waiting for the Big Time

Energetic and lighthearted "popabilly" with just the right touch of humor. "Get Ready!" (demo)

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Canadian Boy

There seems to be a trend these days for tongue-in-cheek portrayals of the stereotypical Canuck. This demo is something I did back when with the legendary Mick Ronson.

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Fear of The Future

With shades of Billy Idol and Bowie, this straight-ahead rocker is replete with memorable vocal and guitar riffs. (demo)

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Stanley Frank